Growing up in an urban environment made me to realize the beauty of cityscapes, and therefore sparked my interest in documenting architecture and patterns that I find in random places of the city. From capturing sky high architecture to the everyday life of the locals, it's about finding calm amid the hustle and bustle. I believe slowing down and discover the beauty in the ordinary is important to balance our life especially in this fast-paced world that we're living in.

kuala lumpur, malaysia

03/03/18 - today

The feeling of getting up early and view the sunrise at the top. Having visited this place for six times, it is probably my favourite nature spot to visit which will make about an hour drive from my home. I only met the dogs that would lead trekkers up to the peak at the fourth time of visit. Unfortunately, this place has closed down by now as several accidents had happened here.

bukit tabur, malaysia

21/10/17 - 21/01/19

putrajaya, malaysia

01/12/17 - 10/10/19

A spontaneous 5 hours drive road trip. Located in Johor Bahru, it's a hidden hiking/ photo spot that wasn't getting popular until recent years, thanks to the internet. As beautiful as it seems, it is not naturally-formed and could be dangerous. It is believed that the mining activities in the past have formed copper sulphate that caused the lake to appear in turquoise-blue color, which looks unreal at the first glance.

tasik biru kangkar pulai, malaysia


Penang is a small island located in the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia. Known for its variety of hawker street foods (not to forget Char Kuey Teow if you're here), it is also a prominent street art city where you can find them in many corners. The multicultural heaven and the capital of Penang - Georgetown, has also listed as the World Heritage Site in 2008.

penang, malaysia

10/12/19 - 12/12/19

chin swee caves temple, genting highlands